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Guitar lessons, keyboard tuition and voice training from Tony Rath in London

Let me help you learn to play the guitar or keyboard in a range styles - jazz guitar, blues guitar and classical guitar lessons are popular. I have over 40 years experience of performing and playing keyboards, guitar and singing.

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I offer tuition in a wide range of music styles which is tailored to the needs of individual students. Call us on 0208 521 4340 to discuss any requirements you have in more detail.

Latest course options:


JAZZING THE BLUES - new scales - arpeggios - chord ideas to develop fretboard knowledge - play in different keys and freshen up ideas.

CHORD MELODY - how to arrange a tune on the fretboard and provide basic and more advanced chord voicings to enhance your playing.

ALTERED TUNINGS - An overview of altered tuning including DADGAD and other tunings including chords and tunes.

SINGER - GUITARISTS - A detailed review of playing - singing - composition to enhance performance and develop confidence.


AN INTRODUCTION TO BLUES PIANO - Covers blues - boogie - barrelhouse and stride styles.

IMPROVISATION OF JAZZ AND BLUES - An overview of the scales and chord voicings to move into jazz and blues piano.

KEYBOARDS FOR PRODUCERS - Chords and scale playing techniques - learn the notes and chords you need to play your music.


4 - 6 hourly lessons devoted to topics such as:

GUITAR MUSICIANSHIP FOR GUITARISTS - learn the fretboard in detail - learn to read a melody line in music notation - Chord construction - creation of chord sequences - reading rhythms and ear training skills 25 per lesson.

PIANO IMPROVISING ON THE PIANO - Learn the chords and scales to improv in a particular style - modes - blues - jazz - gospel - country - rock 25 per lesson.

I am based in Walthamstow in the East of London and provide guitar lessons covering rock, blues, jazz, as well as classical and acoustic styles, including finger style and flamenco.

I have also developed a modular bass guitar course which is suitable for beginners as well as people wanting to improve their technique.

I provide singing lessons and vocal training including cabaret, opera, standards, jazz and other popular styles.

I also provide music lessons for piano and electric keyboards covering most popular styles, including blues, jazz, rock and standards, and all levels from absolute beginner to advanced players.

I want you to realise your dream and play a musical instrument. I have the patience, skill and motivation to make you realise that dream.

Although we provide guitar lessons in London we can teach people in the Northern Home counties and Essex. Why not contact us and find out how we can help you?

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I have improved all our standard courses:

Acoustic guitar lessons

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Electric guitar lessons

Jazz guitar lessons

Classical, nylon jazz and blues guitar lessons

Piano lessons

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Call 0208 521 4340 to discuss your needs or book a lesson.

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