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Piano lessons in East London

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Classical guitar lessons in East London

Piano lessons in East London

Who do I teach?

Anyone who wants to play classical, blues, jazz, rock, pop, soul, show tunes - you name it I can teach it.

Absolute beginners: anyone who has the desire to play piano and electronic keyboards, especially adults who have always wanted to learn but never got round to it.

Returnees: you used to play, but gave it up and want to get back into it. I can help you.

Performers on other instruments: for example, guitarists who want some keyboard knowledge, skill to enhance their playing.

Classical pianists who want to play some jazz.

Blues and boogie styles - I have over 500 blues and boogie songs. Learn the chords, scales and licks to create your own blues and learn great blues songs. Learn to play like Jools Holland.

Keyboards for production

I teach you the scales, chords and licks to create your own music and enhance the sounds you already produce. Learn basic keyboard skills to get your ideas down fast !

Watch my introductory piano lesson video

How do I know if you can teach me?
I offer a free, no obligation first piano lesson so you can meet me and experience my teacher style first hand. All my lessons are on a one-to-one basis and are 30 minutes or 60 minutes in duration with a choice of acoustic or digital piano and midi keyboards. Contact me for further information.

Gift vouchers
Why not give the gift of music to someone for their birthday? We are offering gift vouchers which can be redeemed against any of our music lessons. We provide you with a beautiful certificate which can be opened as a present.

If you want piano lessons in East London then call me on 0208 521 4340 today!

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